Frequently asked questions

Is there a warranty for your products?

Yes. Every 7Pros tester comes with Ony Year Warranty.

PH METER. How often does it need to be calibrated?

It depends of how often do you use it and how accurate you need the results to be.
All pH meters need to be continuously calibrated; as time passes by and the more you use your pH meter. It is good practice to calibrate your meter once a week, especially if the meter is being used daily.

PH METER. There was crystal buildup on the unit when I received it. Can you explain that?

Before leaving the factory, all our meters are calibrated, and if a meter was not dried properly, the white salt will form on the tip/probe, which is normal. You may see these crystals appearing in the future while using the meter. Just rinse with water to remove the salt build up

PH METER. I just received my new meter. When calibrate it I get an Error message...

If you miss a step or don't calibrate the tester as instructed You may get an Error message. In that case, you need to reset the meter and start calibration process from the beginning.
Please do the following:
1. Remove the batteries;
2. Then put the batteries back in;
3. Read carefully instructions and recalibrate.
If the problem persists, let us know - email us with your order number and will we initiate your warranty claim.

CALIBRATION BUFFER POWDER. Can the buffer solutions be stored and re-used?

Yes, you can store calibration liquids for about 2-3 weeks and recalibrate your meter when needed. Only, make sure to cover the jars so the water doesn't evaporate.

TDS METER. Does it need to be calibrated as time goes by?

The 7Pros TDS meter is factory-calibrated and designed to stay consistent. No need to recalibrate.

TDS METER. Can we use it to measure TDS in fruits/vegetables (apples for ex.) ?

No, You can only test liquids with this meter.

SOIL METER. What is the light level measured in?

The light level is measured in Lux.